Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chris Christie at the beach on vacation in Florida

Leaves Sweeney in charge and everyone else to fend for themselves.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Christie proposes additional education reforms

Improve teacher training and effectiveness with standardization and uniformity.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Phew!! Peter DeStefano, Christine O'Donnell and old socks.

Independent tea party congressional candidate Peter DeStefano endorsed Christine O'Donnell on his Facebook page and compared his candidacy to hers. Then he had this to say about politicians, "Old politicians are just like old socks, after a while they start to stink!"

No punchline can top that.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scott Sipprelle suggests "modest" starvation for unemployed workers

In a recent newsletter GOP congressional candidate Scott Sipprelle advocated setting unemployment benefits at a “modest discount to the minimum wage so that no one receives more for not working than they do for working.”

Maybe a better idea would be to simply increase the minimum wage.

Jon Runyan channels Strom Thurmond on state's rights

GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan admitted in a conversation with, he is angry at his opponent, John Adler, for distorting his views on offshore drilling. "This is a 10th Amendment issue. I say let the states decide how they want to grow their economy," Runyan said.

I wonder what he'll have to say when an oil slick from an explosion in Virginia washes up on New Jersey's beaches and destroys its fishing industry.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christie campaigning in Iowa (for President?)

“Governor Christie has stuck to the Republican principles of a limited, streamlined government,” said Tim Albrecht, communications director for Iowa Gubernatorial Candidate Terry Branstad. Christie is planning a stop in Iowa next month to campaign for Terry Branstad, a former four-term governor of Iowa, who has decided to run again after a 12-year break from politics. “Part of what makes him so attractive is he got elected on Republican core values and he has governed on Republican core values and as such he has gained a lot notice from the activists out here.”

I suppose he means "Republican core values" like bullying, lying, and being just plain nasty.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bill Pascrell will wet his pants when he reads this

"I'm not Jon Runyan," GOP congressional candidate Roland Straten admits to, referring to the 3rd Congressional District challenger, a former Eagles offensive lineman, who, like Straten, is a Republican; but unlike Straten, campaigned over the weekend with a personal touch from Gov. Chris Christie. "But I do have Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno coming in on Oct. 5th."

He might do better with "Uncle Floyd".

Monday, September 6, 2010

Jon Runyan brags about his "virginity"

GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan was campaigning in Berkeley Township where he spent more time bashing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi than he did his oponent, John Adler. Referring to his own lack of experience Runyan said, "My experience is all of the last nine months. But you know, the people with all of the experience got us where we're at now."

Some of those Republican officeholders campaigning alongside Runyan have more experience than the madam of a whorehouse.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Len Lance on unemployed teachers: "Let them eat food stamps"!

GOP Congressman Leonard Lance describes himself as a fiscal hawk, and last month he voted against a $26 billion bailout bill that would provide New Jersey $268 million to rehire teachers and school employees. Lance said in explaining his vote, "A significant portion of where this money would come from would be food stamps."

I guess he prefers unemployed teachers on food stamps to getting their jobs back.

Michael Agosta looks like Bantha fodder in Bergen County

Michael Agosta runs a 9th Congressional District effort alienated from a Bergen GOP establishment that is intent on winning countywide. Agosta criticizes on his own party, blaming Bergen County Republican Organization Chairman Bob Yudin for cutting him loose and helping his enemies from the primary.

"His county committee is falling apart from within," Agosta said of Yudin. "There's an extreme element in there that he doesn't want to deal with," added Agosta. "I know the Democrats are definitely laughing."

I don't know if Democrats are laughing, but I'm sure Steve Rothman isn't breaking a sweat.

Chris Christie plus free barbecue equals global warming

Chris Christie plans to be in Ocean County’s Berkeley Township for a free barbecue for GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan. Asked by a reporter about the recent controversy involving Christie and Bret Schundler, Runyan shrugged it off and said it won’t hurt the picnic. "I know the phone hasn’t stopped ringing in the office with people RSVPing," he said.

I doubt the phones would be ringing if they actually had to pay to attend.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hey, at least Jon Runyan's not a draft dodger

Chris Russell, campaign consultant for Jon Runyan's congressional campaign, released a statement shortly after the VFW-PAC endorsement of his opponent John Adler.

“From having close family members who have served our country in combat to his own personal efforts on behalf of the USO and NJ Family Readiness Council, Jon Runyan has always had a deep respect and appreciation for our active military and our veterans,” said Russell.

Big deal. I had close family members who fought for Kaiser Wilhelm, but that doesn't mean I have a deep respect and appreciation for the German Army.

Jon Runyan on picking fights

Jon Runyan spoke at the opening of his campaign headquarters in Stafford Township. "Get this seat back in Republican hands," said the Congressional candidate. "Fire John Adler and fire Nancy Pelosi. We started something with the governor. When you start a fight, you need to finish it."

I think that's what Custer said at the Little Big Horn.

"Best Governor in the nation"?

State Republican Committee Chairman Jay Webber spoke to a packed campaign headquarters in Stafford Township, which his organization and the Republican National Committee partnered to open. "Chris Christie was elected governor last year with 65% of the vote in Ocean and you should be congratulated for that," said Webber. "We are turning around New Jersey under the governor's leadership. ...We have the best governor in the nation, who's changing the debate nationwide," he added.

Christie sure is changing the national debate. Before they were talking about New Jersey as the "Soprano State". Now they call it the "Dummkopf State" with a Governor and Education Commissioner who can't fill out an application.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What did he take, and when did he take them?

When asked about whether GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan ever used steroids, his spokesman emailed PolitickerNJ this carefully crafted statement:

"He said he never took them and would strongly caution his kids and any other young athletes coming up to steer clear of PED's"

Well, at least if Runyan lied it was to his press secretary and not to Congress.

Coffee, Tea or Peter DeStefano?

Jon Runyan's worst nightmare, Independent "Tea Party" congressional candidate Peter DeStefano, has launched his own website and is moving forward with his campaign. He declares, "I'm taking it to the streets, talking to people at dinners and at WAWA's."

So along with cream and sugar I now get Peter DeStefano to go with my coffee.

Monday, August 30, 2010

"Pete the Picture Framer" meets "Squire" Jon Runyan

Independent "Tea Party" congressional candidate Peter DeStefano, who said he is tired of trying to prove that he is real, insists that he is just a “regular guy” who just decided to become a Congressional candidate, and he said he wants nothing more than to start being treated like one.

“You know like Joe the Plumber?” he asked with a smile on his face. “I’m Pete the Picture Framer.”

After November he can stick to framing pictures.

Is anybody there? Does anybody care?

GOP congressional candidate Roland Straten, opposing incumbent Bill Pascrell, held an outdoor rally in Montclair because the municipality denied his request to hold the rally inside the Municipal Building or the Fire Headquarters. During a short stump speech as the rally started, Straten told his supporters he didn't mind having to "contend with the rain and darkness."

"This is not about Roland Straten," he said. "It's about politicians who do not listen, but do nothing but raise taxes and enact unnecessary regulations."

Maybe the politicians aren't listening, but I doubt anyone is listening to Roland Straten either.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Christie hosts fundraiser for "Squire" Jon Runyan

Chris Christie addressed about 200 Republicans invited to a fundraiser for GOP congressional candidate and farmland-assessed estate owner "Squire" Jon Runyan. Berkeley Councilman Carmen F. Amato, one of the guests, said Christie emphasized the importance of Ocean County in his election as governor last year. "And how important Ocean County will be to the election of Jon Runyan over career politician John Adler," Amato said, referring to Runyan's incumbent Democratic opponent.

Considering all the "career politicians", including Christie, who attended the fundraiser that would be like the owner of a brothel calling their competitor a "whore".

Sunday, August 22, 2010

GOP congressional candidate "on the waterfront"

Republican congressional candidate Dale Glading is attempting to reach First Congressional District urban voters in the midst of Camden's struggles - and at the expense of 1st District incumbent U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews.

“It’s time that Rob Andrews and the South Jersey Democrat Machine stopped taking the people of Camden for granted,” said Glading, who's challenging Andrews for the second time. “Investments along the waterfront and at Cooper Hospital may make for good photo ops, but that’s not where the people of Camden live.”

I agree not many residents of Camden live at the Tweeter Center or Cooper Hospital, but I'll bet a lot of them work there.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TNut candidate says GOP & Dems are full of it

Independent Tea Party Congressional candidate Peter DeStefano admits he became disillusioned with the Republican Party over the economy and war in Iraq. "I got very bitter at that time with the Republicans. They weren't doing anything," he said.

After the 2008 general election, DeStefano switched to the Democratic Party. "It didn't take me much longer to find out it was worse," he said. "As far as I'm concerned, they are both full of crap."

Sounds like he wants to give both political parties an enema.

Peter DeStefano "chooses" his ideology

Independent Tea Party candidate for Congress Peter DeStefano told The Press of Atlantic City — while on his way home from campaigning on Long Beach Island — that he entered the race because he was “fed up” with partisan politics.

“The tea party movement is an ideology, it’s not an actual physical party … I believe that I, like every other American, have the right to run for office with whatever ideology I choose,” said DeStefano.

Even if he chooses insanity?

Dave Larsen has more money to burn on another run at Len Lance

David Larsen wouldn't deny that he's prepping for another primary run at GOP Congressman Leonard Lance in 2012, but said he does not intend to make a formal announcement until after Nov. 2nd. Addressing previous comments he made at a forum in Red Bank, Larsen admitted he may have said "Lance is not a real Republican."

"I don't like the word 'RINO' (Republican in name only)," he told "I don't even use the word 'fake.' My point was if Leonard Lance was down south, past the Mason Dixon Line, he'd be known as a Democrat."

And if Dave Larsen was anyplace else he'd be known as a crackpot

Sunday, August 15, 2010

TNut has a "touching" experience

As Congressman Bill Pascrell spoke to about 90 people assembled at a townhall meeting, Tea Party activist Mark Kalinowski handed out fliers linking Pascrell unfavorably to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. According to Kalinowski Pascrell's field representative, Ann Mega, attempted to stop him and he objected loudly, causing members of the audience to shush him and order him to leave the chambers.

The 4-and-a-half-foot-tall Mega "put her hands on me," Kalinowski told reporters.

Maybe she was just trying to feel his pain.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scott Garrett on Barack Obama: He's no "Founding Father"

Campaigning in Bergen County GOP Rep. Scott Garrett wouldn't call President Barack Obama a socialist, but said Obama stands in a political tradition different than his predecessors in the White House.

"I see him standing for a different framework from the Founding Fathers and from the previous presidents we've seen, both Democrats and Republicans," Garrett told

Yeah, opposing slavery, support for voting and civil rights would put Obama into a different framework from the Founding Fathers.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jon Runyan worries about his "retirement"

GOP Congressional candidate Jon Runyan admits he was not a political junkie in college, or even when his career brought him to Tennessee and later Philadelphia, but he claims his conservative values were growing stronger as his NFL career was coming to an end.

"When you get close to retirement you think, I've made a good chunk of money and they just want to take more and more and more of it," he said. "I'm not going to have this income for the rest of my life. I've worked my butt off my whole life to obtain this. How do I keep it? That's when you start picking apart policy and what is actually going to affect you in each bill."

Nice to know he was thinking about his bank account when he decided to run for Congress.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Roland Straten dreams the "impossible dream"

Whipped in 2008 GOP congressional candidate Roland Straten is back this year to challenge incembent Bill Pascrell, the first on a list of GOP opponents to run a campaign against the congressman after taking a beating the first time. "That's the reason I'm running again," the businessman acknowledged when asked him if the times changed in the two years since Barack Obama won the presidency. "This time, I've got a shot. The Left doesn't know what to make of the Tea Party movement."

Neither does anyone else.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

John Adler won't be coming to "tea"

Democratic Congressman John Adler has declined an invitation to meet with the West Jersey Tea Party. "Naturally, we are disappointed by the congressman not taking the opportunity to meet with our group," said Bill Haney, founder of the West Jersey Tea Party. "Our hope was that the congressman would meet with us so he would be able to enlighten us about his positions and to seek support from the group."

That would be about as useful an exercise as Lady Gaga showing up for a job interview with Pat Robertson.

The "King" gave Anna Little the boot

Anna Little, the Republican nominee challenging U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone in the 6th district, planned a press conference at the Burger King across the street from the Tastee Sub Shop where President Obama gave an afternoon talk on the economy. But white collared men in suits cleared Little and company out of the cordoned off area.

"We were moved and we were moved again," complained Little.

I guess Anna Little couldn't "have it her way" at Burger King.

Monday, July 26, 2010

At least he wasn't born in a log cabin

Peter Boyce is the Constitution Party candidate in the 2nd congressional district and claims he grew up in one of the poorest families in the Bronx, but made himself into a millionaire by the age of 30. "I grew up in the Bronx in one of the poorest families. I met a Jersey girl and moved to South Jersey when I was 20," the 61-year-old Boyce said. "I worked on a clam boat, I delivered papers in Wildwood, and then I worked in real estate. I went from being the poorest person in my neighborhood to a self-made millionaire by the time I was 30."

He must have hired Scott Rasmussen to poll every family in the Bronx about their financial status.

"Book 'em Dan-O"

The North New Jersey Tea Party Group raised the ante on the election campaign in New Jersey's 3rd District by demanding that the New Jersey State Police investigate the independent candidacy of Peter DeStefano for possible election fraud. NNJTP group leader Mark Kalinowski made his position clear in a Facebook message:

[T]he North New Jersey Tea Party Group formally calls for a state police investigation into DeStefano and his candidacy, to determine if any laws prohibiting voter fraud (or other illicit elected-related activities) were violated.

We are more than happy to discuss this situation with any law enforcement officials who care to investigate; just contact us.

It's too bad this isn't Hawaii. This would be just the sort of high-priority case that would require Steve McGarrett and his Special Investigation Unit.

Friday, July 23, 2010

TNuts take a dump on one of their own

Peter DeStefano’s 3rd Congressional District campaign under the banner of the “New Jersey Tea Party” is under attack from organized tea party groups in the district who say he is not affiliated with their organizations.

“Peter DeStefano is not, and I emphasize, not a Tea Party candidate,” West Jersey Tea Party founder William Haney said in a statement. “He is a shill for someone else, but certainly not what the Tea Party stands for.”

Unless he's a delusional psychopath, he probably isn't what the Tea Party stands for.

Monday, July 19, 2010

He's the "Man Without a Tea Party"

The West Jersey Tea Party group sent out a release putting distance between themselves and self-declared tea party congressional candidate Peter DeStefano - in the strongest possible terms.

"I have no idea who Peter DeStefano is, where he comes from or what he is all about," says the group's founder, Bill Haney. "Peter DeStefano is not, and I emphasize, not a Tea Party candidate, by any stretch. He is a shill for someone else, but certainly not what the Tea Party stands for."

Maybe he is "the most interesting man in the world". Or, at least, in the third congressional district.

Friday, July 16, 2010

An independent TNut challenges Runyan and Adler

Peter DeStefano doesn't care if his 3rd Congressional District independent Tea Party candidacy upsets RINO bosses supporting his GOP opponent Jon Runyan. "I've lost faith in the Republicans," announced DeStefano, who says he recently switched from GOP to independent.

"I despise Nancy Pelosi, she forgot about the Constitution," said DeStefano. "We have a Pelosi Democrat in Adler and a Rockefeller Republican in Runyan. Me, I'm just a regular Joe, an average guy. I frame pictures for a living. I'm the framer that's going to save the framework of the Constitution.

He probably shares the same pocket constitution Jon Runyan uses. Maybe even the same brain cell.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

APP editorial hurt Jon Runyan's feelings

GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan's feelings were hurt when a recent editorial in the Asbury Park Press challenged his pie-in-the-sky promises to cut taxes, reduce spending and balance the budget. In a reply letter published in the APP Runyan wrote, "I believe there is a mind-boggling amount of waste and inefficiency in the federal government and plenty of places to cut."

I guess Jonny boy was too busy getting smacked on his rear-end and his head bashed in playing football to notice who was in charge in Washington up until last year when all this "waste and inefficiency" was going on.

Would you like a candidate's bad breath on the side with that greasy burger?

GOP congressional candidate Scott Sipprelle hyped a mixing with the masses “Diner Tour," which he kicked off last month and which he continues in lieu of no 12th District debate schedule.

“New Jersey’s diners are proving to be a great place to spread my message of economic renewal and political reform and to get instant feedback from an audience that is opinionated and yearning to make their voices heard,” marveled Sipprelle, who's challenging U.S. Rep. Rush Holt.

Yeah, right. The last thing I want is some sleazy politician standing over me and spreading his message while I'm trying to stuff an undercooked greasy cheeseburger into my mouth.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jon Runyan knows "real people"

In a recent debate with Democratic Congressman John Adler, GOP candidate Jon Runyan said if he is elected he would limit himself to four, two-year terms in Congress. "I believe our forefathers did not intend for politics to be a career, much as John Adler has made it," Runyan said. "When you're there too long you become detached from real people."

I suppose he means by real people megamillionaire football players who get farmland tax breaks on their megamillion dollar estates.

Monday, July 5, 2010

TNuts rally against "evil"

New Jerseyans gathered on July 3 to attend the Morristown Tea Party’s Independence Day Rally, an event aimed at educating the public about the government’s failings. The event, held on the Morristown Green, was the second-annual Independence Day rally since the party was founded last March, event organizers said. The group is currently one of a dozen in New Jersey.

Speakers included Tom Adkins, a publisher of the blog, who flew in from Texas to attend the rally. In an impassioned and often angry speech from the flag-draped podium, Adkins berated both President Obama and former president George W. Bush, accusing them of turning the country into a welfare state, banishing God from public life, and creating an abysmal school system.

“Do you believe in evil?” Adkins asked the crowd. “That, to me, is evil.”

So what comes next, snake handlers and speaking in tongues?

Jon Runyan wants to get things straight

3rd district GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan says he's in favor of drilling off the state's coast, as long as it can be done safely. "We have to sit down and get our regulations straight and make sure they are applied, and once that's done, I don't have a problem with it," he said.

I hope he didn't burn up too many brain cells to come up with that insightful analysis.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And this clown wants a balanced budget amendment?

At the first formal press conference of his campaign, Jon Runyan — the Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 3rd District — outlined an eight-point plan to cut taxes.

“I really think (the thing) that a lot of people in this country, let alone the state of New Jersey and the 3rd District, have in common is we’re paying entirely too many taxes," Runyan said.

That's because, unlike Runyan, they don't have 40 acres and a mule to give them a farmland tax break.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lonegan gives GOP last rites

Steve Lonegan singled out his staunchest ally from last year to voice his displeasure upon hearing that Senator Mike Doherty voted in favor of Chris Christie's $29.4 billion budget and supplemental bills, despite Lonegan's opposition.

"I'm very disappointed," Lonegan told "I guess the Republican Party is dead in New Jersey."

If the Republican Party is dead, does that make Chris Christie a Zombie?

Jon Runyan's Contract on America

Republican congressional candidate Jon Runyan seems to be tearing a page out of the Contract With America, a 1994 campaign document that helped Republicans gain control of Congress for the first time in 40 years.

Since the June 8 primary the former Eagles tackle has called for term limits and a balanced budget. Both were part of the 1994 campaign and both eventually failed.

Chris Russell, Runyan's campaign consultant, said Runyan was reacting to voter frustration, not simply reaching back to the GOP's glory days.

"People feel powerless. They go to the polls and vote on Election Day and feel like whoever they put in, nothing changes," Russell said.

Republicans like Runyan proved that in 1994.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lonegan takes a bite out of Rush Limbaugh

In an opinion piece for the Bergen Record, Steve Lonegan had some rather unkind things to say about Chris Christie and even threw a few verbal barbs at the "Big Kahuna" himself, Rush Limbaugh. According to the Bilious Blowhard from Bogota, "Rush Limbaugh is singing the praises of Governor Christie’s budget. National pundits talk of “spending cuts.” Some enthusiasts have gone as far as starting a “Christie for President” chant. So many words. But as the big government spin machine rolls on, what is really happening? Sweep away the bluster and the attitude, and behind it all is the largest property tax hike New Jersey has ever seen."

Later in the essay Lonegan goes on to say, "At a time when our nation is struggling to recover from a recession, this budget drives a dagger into our economic recovery. I wonder if Rush Limbaugh supports such policies?"

Aside from the usual assortment of rightwing whackjobs, I wonder if anyone cares.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Steve Lonegan looking for Christie's scalp

Steve Lonegan put on his war paint and is beating the tom-toms over the budget deal between Governor Christie and Democratic legislative leaders. In a statement posted on his website the Bilious Blowhard from Bogota asserts, "Contrary to the narrative being permeated in the media and the right-wing blogosphere, Governor Christie's budget grows state government by 6% and expands the welfare state while pilfering $2.56B from New Jersey taxpayers in the way of state aid."

"Rightwing blogosphere"? He sounds like the Madam of a brothel calling her competitor a whore.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Klan rally in South Jersey without the sheets

A group of wingnuts calling themselves Greenwich Tea Party Patriots of South Jersey held their first-ever Let Freedom Ring rally at the Salem County Fairgrounds. Speakers included Joey Vento, owner of Geno’s Steaks in Philadelphia, health care consultant and former Assembly candidate Dr. Bob Villare, National and State Tea Party Leader Michael Johns of Deptford and State Director of Americans for Prosperity and former gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan.

“Because there’s one constant here that’s absolutely, always true,” suggested speaker Mychal Massie to a sea of red, white and blue. “The laws of Physics, and the laws of science say, ‘It must swing back to right.’”

If these clowns have their way the country will swing so far back to the right they'll have to change the national anthem from "Star-Spangled Banner" to "Dixie".

Friday, June 18, 2010

What this country needs is a good five-cent cigar and a balanced budget amendment

GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan announced his support for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, and proposed requiring a two-third supermajority of both the House and Senate to pass any tax increase and "a 'Red Ink Taskforce' that would be charged with a thorough review of all federal spending."

“The excessive spending by career politicians in Washington has reached an unsustainable level,” said Runyan.

What's unsustainable is the excessive rhetoric from career politician wannabees.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is a surprise; Ocean County Freeloaders appoint another freeloader

The Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeloaders announced that Carl W. Block has decided to forfeit his elected position of Ocean County clerk to take a three-year appointment as county administrator. All five freeloaders voted to appoint Block to the post.

Block stated, "It's a new set of challenges, and I'm looking forward to taking them up."

Along with his paycheck of $149,500 per year as administrator, 30 percent more than his $115,000 salary as clerk.

"Out of politics"? Will Tiger Woods give up sex?

Ocean County Clerk Carl W. Block has been appointed as the next county administrator in a surprise move and will resign his elected office, succeeding Alan W. Avery, who has decided to retire. The appointment is for three years, and Block, who had been mulling a run in 2012 to recapture the Stafford mayor's post, has agreed not to pursue a political career during his term. In a stunning defeat last year, Block lost re-election as mayor after 26 years in office.

"I will be out of politics,'' Block said in public remarks after accepting the position.

That will be like Chris Christie swearing off cannolis.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Does Jon Runyan need a witch doctor?

Chris Russell, campaign spokesman for GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan, is complaining about Congressman John Adler's demand for a series of debates. "If they're going to try to do voodoo on everybody to win this race, it's not going to work," he said.

Considering Runyan's weak performance in the primary maybe he should try a little voodoo.

Steve Lonegan and his rent-a-mob go to Trenton

Americans for Prosperity State Director Steve Lonegan and his rent-a-tea party mob showed up at a State Senate hearing on a resolution to oppose New Jersey's participation in a lawsuit to overturn the federal health care reform law. "It's kind of hypocritical that the same state Senate that relies too much on Supreme Court validation in our state does not want to have it on a federal level," said Lonegan.

And no one knows more about hypocrisy than Steve Lonegan.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Runyan pledges he'll retire after he's elected

On the day after he won the GOP primary for Congress in the third district , Jon Runyan announced his pledge that, if elected, he would not serve longer than eight years. “I think the biggest problem in Washington is people are not worried about fixing problems, they’re worried about getting re-elected,” he said.

How would he know? The only time he ever spent in Washington was getting smacked on his rear end by the Washington Redskins.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jon Runyan on term limits and "original intent"

GOP candidate Jon Runyan began his general election campaign for Congress with a promise he had first made during the primary: not to serve more than eight years or four terms in the House of Representatives if elected in November.

"When our forefathers founded this great country, they never intended to have career politicians running our federal government," Runyan said in a prepared statement.

He must have read that little tidbit in his pocket constitution.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lonegan annoints a TNut to take on Rothman

Steve Lonegan announced his endorsement of John Aslanian, the Tea Party Republican running for Congress against Steve Rothman. “John Aslanian shares my conservative values, is solidly pro-Life and will fight Cap and Trade and the entire left-wing Obama Agenda,” Lonegan said in a statement released by the Aslanian campaign. Lonegan points out the importance of Republicans running a strong candidate who is ready to run the kind of campaign needed to win. “John is the only candidate running who is taking this race seriously," said Lonegan.

The real question is whether anyone besides Lonegan takes this clown seriously.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

GOP county bosses buying Pampers, just in case

Burlington County GOP Chairman Bill Layton said people should not get too excited by the prospect of an upset - or even a contest, in the third district GOP congressional primary between establishment-backed Jon Runyan and tea party favorite Justin Murphy. Layton said Murphy has done his best to rile up the anti-organization crowd in Burlington and Ocean, where the bulk of 3rd District Republican votes are concentrated.

"The Tea Party movement is good and fine, but it's not enough in a primary where organizations and lines are everything," Layton said. "I understand the environment. Look, if you're an incumbent right now, you should be scared. If you're in elected office, you should be wearing a diaper."

Given how Runyan has performed so far, if anyone is wearing diapers these days it's Bill Layton and Ocean County GOP boss George Gilmore.

Lonegan endorses a loser (so what else is new?)

Steve Lonegan likes 6th district tea party candidate Anna Little to defeat her establishment-backed rival Diane Gooch in the primary. "I'm sure Diane Gooch is a very nice person, but Anna Little's experience as a mayor and lawyer set her apart," Lonegan said. "She was just phenomenal at our question and answer session. She answered every question and took a principled stand on everything from abortion to illegal immigration. I happen to be partial to mayors and freeholders who run off the line. I did it."

And lost. Badly.

Peasants with pitchforks and TNuts with bats

Steve Lonegan showed up recently at a rally to support 6th district tea party candidate Anna Little in her quest for the GOP nomination in the primary and begged the crowd for more money to support her campaign.

"This is a campaign of pitchforks and bats," says another Little supporter, who returns repeatedly to the microphone to make another last week plug for the longshot mayor of Highlands.

Are they trying to win an election or storm the Bastille?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TNuts decide 80% of the primary (make sense?)

Three clowns want the nomination to challenge Democratic Rep. Steve Rothman, and they all spent more than two hours in a Knights of Columbus hall in Teaneck trying to convince a coalition of TNuts they had the right stuff.

"This is a decisive night," candidate Sergey Shevchuk of Fair Lawn said before the forum with about 125 people. "To a degree, this will 80 percent decide the outcome of the primary election, because these are independent people who want to choose the candidate with the full package."

80 percent? I doubt this bozo gets 8% in the primary. He may be a "full package" but he's playing with less than a full deck.

Friday, May 28, 2010

"Fresh faces" get stale

Sixth Congressional District Republican candidate Diane Gooch has nearly $250,000 in her campaign warchest, according to the Federal Election Commission. Gooch spokeswoman Toni Angelini said over 300 people from the 6th District have contributed over $110,000 to the GOP establishment candidate.

"I am pleased to see how well Diane is being embraced by the people of the district," state Sen. Joe Kyrillos said in a statement. "Her FEC filing proves that she is the best candidate to become the new fresh face in Congress."

Does he think we are electing a fresh face or what comes between the ears?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

He's so far "left" there's nothing left

GOP congressional candidate Rich Luzzi, running against Rep. Rodney P. Frelinghuysen in the June 8 primary, spoke at a candidates’ night recently. Luzzi said of Frelinghuysen, who was not present, “He is not a conservative, he is too far to the left.”

And if this Bozo veered any more to the right he would make Genghis Khan seem like Mother Theresa.

Tapping into tea party insanity

New Jersey tea party activists are enthusiastic about their chances to repeat Rand Paul's tea party victory in Kentucky over the establishment GOP candidate. Tea party activist Jeffrey Weingarten is among those who think Highlands Mayor Anna Little will upset millionaire newspaper publisher Diane Gooch in the 6th congressional district. Gooch has the Republican organization behind her. But Little, the underdog, has built up a base of tea party supporters.

"She has tapped into the tea party energy," Weingarten said. "You can say she’s a tea party darling."

That's like winning the award for "Geek of the Year" at a freak show convention.

"Water-boarding" is not for Congressmen

Republican Congressional candidate John Aslanian today called on Michael Agosta, his leading opponent in the June 8th Republican Primary, to “seriously reconsider his candidacy” in light of remarks he made calling for incumbent liberal Democratic Congressman Steve Rothman to be “waterboarded.” Aslanian stated:

I have made a personal financial commitment to this effort because Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi must be stopped and to do that, Rothman must be defeated. It’s clear that Michael Agosta isn’t the man to do it and I’m calling on both BCRO Chairman Bob Yudin and County Executive candidate Kathleen Donovan to withdraw their support from his candidacy. This election is just too important to lose. Kathleen Donovan will have to wear Mr. Agosta’s water-boarding remark for the next five months if she does not ask him to step out of the race.

I think Kathleen Donovan will have to lose some weight if she's going to wear that water-boarding remark.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Runyan not raedy for prime time, or any time.

Chris Russell, a spokesman for GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan, argued that the former professional football player's refusal to debate his primary opponent does not mean he is ignoring him.

"We have had a joint appearance with Justin Murphy ... and had head-to-head editorial board with him," Russell said.

That editorial board appearance was with the Philadelphia Inquirer, which ended up endorsing Justin Murphy. No wonder Runyan wets his pants at the thought of debating Murphy before actual voters.

Where's the lemonade and cookies?

Chris Christie shrugged off a record-breaking Statehouse protest, saying it had "absolutely no effect on me."

He would have felt different if they had free refreshments.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

This is what a rumble at a tea party looks like

Two Tea Party challengers to U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance are scrapping over who should drop out of the race and back the other as the solid hard right alternative to the moderate Lance. One of three GOP Primary longshots, businessman David Larsen started the fracas when he asked Lons Hosford of and Bruce Baker to bail on their own hopes of upsetting the incumbent and support him as their best chance of defeating the freshman legislator from the 7th District. Larsen argued that he has more money than the other two challengers, and requested their support for the remaining weeks of the campaign.

Baker promptly fired off a reply, "I hope that you will follow your expressed sentiments that our primary goal is to defeat the incumbent, drop out and throw your support behind me," the candidate wrote to Larsen. "If all that counts in a campaign is money then Bill Gates would be a shoo-in to become President."

Food Fight!!

One disaster every 40 years is pretty good

Congressional candidates Jon Runyan and Justin Murphy said that they support oil drilling off the New Jersey coast. The Third District Republican candidates said that the April 20 spill was a tragedy but that offshore drilling would help the country end its dependence on foreign oil.

"If we have one accident in 40 years, I think that's a pretty good track record," Murphy said.

If he was in Russia he'd probably say the same thing about Chernobyl.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Steve Lonegan brings his circus act to West Deptford

A group of close to 40 people met the chartered Americans For Prosperity "Take Back New Jersey'' rally bus headed for state Senate President Stephen Sweeney's West Deptford office. The rally was in protest of Sweeney's decision to stave off holding confirmation hearings for Christie's Supreme Court nominee Anne Patterson, who would replace Justice John Wallace.

"I am totally disgusted that they are putting their political agenda above the state constitution,'' said one rally participant. "I'm doing everything I can to change the direction of America by supporting conservative candidates and platforms in order to return the country to its constitutional principals.''

Fascinating that so many constitutional scholars have nothing better to do than go on a bus ride with Steve Lonegan and get a free lunch, compliments of AFP.

Anna Little likes tar balls with her fish

With less than a month to go before the June 8th Republican Primary for the right to go up against U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone, TNut favorite Anna Little dug in on her support for offshore drilling. "That spill is not the fault of an American company," the Highlands mayor said of the Gulf of Mexico cataclysm. "What that event illustrates is the need for American drilling, as we will be much more careful. We have a history of being more careful."

So who owned the Exxon Valdez, Switzerland?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Justin Murphy kicks off to Jon Runyan

Republican 3rd District candidate for Congress Justin Murphy has challenged his primary election opponent Jon Runyan to a series of debates prior to the June 8th primary election. Murphy said, "Runyan needs to clear up some apparent contradictions involving his views on abortion policy, his farmland assessment tax break, his endorsements of liberal Democrats, his policy on taxation and immigration reform, his very late arrival as a declared Republican and many other issues on which his views are simply not known."

Murphy wants to debate Runyan's farmland assessment? What are they going to debate, how much donkey crap does it take to qualify?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

No food fight for Len Lance; it's a "tea party" instead

U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance faces three Republican primary challengers in his re-election bid for a 7th District congressional seat. Bruce E. Baker, Alonzo "Lon'' Hosford and David Larsen are waging anti-incumbent, Tea Party-inspired campaigns questioning Lance's conservative credentials.  "If we keep electing the status quo, we already know the result. It can't be politics as usual. We need to turn things around. We need to bring new blood in. In this atmosphere in 2010, it's the right time,'' said Larsen, who has asked Baker and Hosford to join forces behind him.

I'd rather elect the status quo than bring new blood in that's infected with teabaggeritis.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jon Runyan opened his closet and it smells

3rd district Republican congressional hopeful Jon Runyan opened his closet and let the skeletons tumble out — revealing late property tax payments, two lawsuits and a tax lien. He said, "I take ownership of every mistake I’ve ever made."

Does that include all the donkey crap in his backyard that qualifies him for a farmland tax assessment?

Here's one way to win elections; disfranchise the opposition

Former Libertarian Party candidate for Governor and two-time GOP US Senate candidate Murray Sabrin had some interesting ideas and suggestions for Chris Christie to consider.
"And to really give taxpayers an edge against local union monopolies, teachers, police and paid firefighters would not be able to vote on school budgets. They would not be able to vote for mayors and council members as well.  And if local officials decide to place municipal budgets on the ballot as well, local government workers should not be able to vote in these elections as well. In addition, individuals and families who receive most of their income from government assistance would also not be able to vote on spending budgets and municipal elections."
I think Murray wants to run for office himself and figures the only way he can win is by disfranchising voters likely to vote against him.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Rose Garden" strategy?

Third district Republican congressional candidate Jon Runyan, a newcomer to politics, has declined to debate his opponent, Justin Murphy, who ran in a GOP primary for this seat two years ago and came in a close third.  "This kind of Rose Garden strategy tends to be the purview of powerful, entrenched incumbents," said Montclair State University political scientist Brigid Harrison. "It tends not to be the purview of people who have not run for public office before."

Rose Garden strategy? It should be called a "manure pile" strategy that Runyan uses to keep his farmland assessment.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tea parties and manure

The rhetoric is on the rise in the 3rd Congressional District primary contest between Republicans Jon Runyan and Justin Murphy. The two campaigns clashed this week when Murphy and the Burlington County Tea Party accused Runyan of ducking several proposed debates. “Runyan has been offered … four or five opportunities to debate Murphy and prove that he is the better candidate, and he keeps saying he is busy. That’s a load of chicken manure,” said Bill Haney, founder of the county organization.

Better than the donkey manure Runyan has on his estate to keep his farmland assessment.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chris Christie calls for "final solution"

Chris Christie gave a speech in Washington recently promoting school choice as an alternative to public schools. “Because the Educational Opportunity Scholarship Act is not the final solution to that problem, it is the first step in the solution to that problem," he said.

So what's the "final solution", exterminate the teachers?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Can Christie fly with his pants on?

Chris Christie has indicated he is willing to consider a restructuring plan for NJ's public universities, though he is not ready to endorse one. He recently said, "there are certainly things we need to examine regarding the higher education system in New Jersey" but he wants to give the issue further thought."We’ve got a lot of other work to do," he added. "I’m certainly not going to fly by the seat of my pants on that one."

I doubt his pants could even get off the ground.

Steve Lonegan issues marching orders to Chris Christie

Steve Lonegan is back in the news publicly urging Chris Christie not to re-appoint NJ Supreme Court Justice John Wallace to another term. "I hope Chris Christie has the courage and political savvy to stand up to this Supreme Court," said Lonegan. "Judge Wallace is the epitome of a go along to get along judge," he added. "If these guys took off their robes, they'd be chasing ambulances, they're a disgrace."

If Steve Lonegan ever took off his wig the ambulances would be chasing him.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Christie gets a seven-footer

Tea Party members delivered a 7-foot long, 1,200-signature petition urging Chris Christie to join more than 20 other states in filing a lawsuit against the Obama administration's health care legislation.  Jeffrey Weingarten, who leads the group NJ Tea Party, and a handful of other Tea Party members were ushered into the Statehouse for a closed-door meeting with Jeanne Ashmore, Christie's director of constituent relations.

Weingarten said the petition sends a message to the governor, "We voted for you because we expect you to represent us. This is an opportunity for him to do the people's will."

Now if they brought a 7-foot long party sub from "Jersey Mikes" I'm sure the Governor would have greeted them personally.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Does George Gilmore want to change his name to Jack Kelly?

At a candidates forum hosted recently by Ocean County Citizens for Freedom, one of two Tea Party organizations in the county, the four freeloader candidates in the GOP primary spelled out their goals and answered questions from conservative-minded voters. One Tea Party member asked Freeloader Jack Kelly if he was controlled by county Republican Chairman George R. Gilmore.

Kelly denied that he was beholden to Gilmore. "I have my father's name, I'm not going to give that up to anybody — George Gilmore or anybody else. George is a friend, but that's it," Kelly said.

Why would George Gilmore want to take the name of Jack Kelly's father?

Chris Christie wants students to have "a full impartial understanding" of why he's always right.

Christie Administration officials expressed concerns about recent student protests and urged school officials to maintain discipline. “Students belong in the classroom, and we hope all efforts were made to curtail student walkouts,” said Michael Drewniak, the governor’s press secretary. “Students would be better served if they were given a full, impartial understanding of the problems that got us here in the first place and why dramatic action was needed.”

He must mean a full impartial understanding of why cutting income taxes for the wealthy is more important than funding education.

Calling Barney Frank "fa**ot" is just a way of expressing concern about the country

At a recent "tea party" gathering in North Brunswick one of the participants complained to a reporter that TNuts get no respect and said even people he knows are believing what he considers smears against the movement. “If you listen to MSNBC talk about the tea parties, they say they are a bunch of angry people, they are a mob trying to destroy the country and they're angry at people,” he said. “Look around. Do you see anybody angry here? Everybody here is concerned about their country.”

Concerned enough to spit and yell obscenities at Congressmen for supporting health care reform.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Christie upset about what some students will do for a better grade

In his first public comments since a massive student walk-out, Chris Christie today criticized administrators for not stopping protests during the school day and said he believed the teachers unions were behind the demonstrations. Referring to teachers refusal to accept a pay freeze Christie said, "The fact of the matter is that those teachers and their union have not stepped up to join the shared sacrifice. ... Their unwillingness to do that makes me wonder why the students are protesting only against what the governor is doing, and not against what their teachers are doing. I have a suspicion that since I don't give them grades and the teachers do, that might have something to do with it."

Christie should be smart enough to know that teachers don't give grades to "drug mules".

Monday, April 26, 2010

Little gets a "little" boost

The leadership of the Conservative Party of New Jersey announced today that it would be endorsing Anna Little for Congress in the 6th Congressional District for the June Republican Primary against opponent Diane Gooch.

Conservative Party of New Jersey’s Executive Director & Vice Chairman Michael Illions said that it was a proud moment for the entire organization; “This is not an endorsement for the Conservative Party of New Jersey, but rather FROM the Conservative Party of New Jersey to all Conservative Republicans in the 6th Congressional District as they head into the voting booth in June. The only true Conservative running in this race is Anna Little and she deserves their support.”

I'll bet Diane Gooch is shaking in her "Goochies".

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Does "less government" apply to government sports teams?

Chris Christie told a press conference trumpeting the defeat of school budgets across the state that the voters endorsed his policies and local school district and municipalities should follow his lead. "They were speaking loudly and clearly in historic numbers," he said. "Lower taxes. Less spending. Less government. Voters said it clearly in November, and now even more clearly - percentage-wise - yesterday."

Less government? I suppose he means less government classrooms, less government sports teams, less government school lunches, and most of all, less government teachers.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't slam any doors on Jon Runyan

3rd district GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan was asked by a reporter recently if he has any concerns about the tea party movement. He replied, "You know, special interests are getting in the way, and I think that's really what a lot of people are upset about. And if you sit back and you keep the doors open and don't slam them shut with special interests, just allow people to have conversations, I think that's what a lot of people are looking to go."

It's a good thing he won't be slamming any doors because he might bring down the whole building.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Christie never complains, except when it hurts

Chris Christie was paying respect to history as the guest speaker at a dinner as part of Morris County’s Revolutionary Times Weekend. He said that the county’s history and tradition helps make it the premier place it is to live. The governor did not specifically mention any ongoing issues, but he did say that people often ask him how he’s “holding up” amid a pitched battle over the state budget and ongoing acrimony with the NJEA. “You’ll never hear me complain,” Christie said.

Except when the head of a local teacher's union circulates a tasteless joke on the internet.

Jon Runyan parties with TNuts at Independence Hall

A dozen candidates stood in a chilly wind on Independence Mall on Saturday, attempting to woo members of the Independence Hall Tea Party, who are moving beyond protesting to making political endorsements. From New Jersey, there were Dale Glading, Mark Falzon, and Jon Runyan, the former Eagles offensive lineman who is running for the Third Congressional District seat, now held by Democrat John Adler.

Runyan said he was used to having a playbook after his years in sports. Now, he said, he has a new playbook, waving a pocket-size Constitution. "When you deviate from the playbook, you get your butt kicked by everybody around you," he said. "We need to return to this to turn this country around and give the power back to the people."

So now he wants to be a federal judge too?

TNuts fear being "run over"

In Trenton, State Police estimated 300 to 400 protesters attended a four-hour TNut rally in front of the Statehouse. Protesters focused on the recently passed health care bill . Many wanted New Jersey to join a lawsuit against the new law. Anita Davis of Mount Laurel told a reporter that she was gearing up for November, when TNut activists hope to elect sympathetic candidates to Congress.
“November is the most important month for this state, because if people do not go out and vote for the change, we’re going to be run over,” she said .

And if she has her way we'll all have to pay for the people that get run over and don't have health insurance to pay their medical bills.

Can Christie deduct twinkies as a medical expense?

Chris Christie declined to release information today about his personal finances, breaking with a longstanding Tax Day tradition practiced by governors of both parties.
Christie’s office said the governor filed for an extension, which gives him until later this year to file his 2009 tax returns. But his office did not provide the extension form, which includes an estimate of gross income and taxes owed on the federal and state level.
"He’s filed his form for an extension," spokesman Michael Drewniak said. "We just don’t have it handy today."

He probably needs more time to convince his CPA that the cost of twinkies should be deductible as a medically necessary energy boost.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chris Christie sounds like Rodney Dangerfield

Chris Christie is crying to the media about how the NJEA has spent (so he claims) $1.8 million to oppose his budget. He also says he doesn’t care to talk to the NJEA until they call for the resignation of the Bergen County teachers union official who sent the memo with the prayer asking for Christie’s demise. “The Office of the Governor deserves more respect than that,” he said.

I hope he never reads this blog.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where oh where oh where is Runyan?

Congressman John Adler's Campaign attacked GOP opponent Jon Runyan for being inconspicuous. Runyan Campaign consultant Chris Russell immediately hit back at the Adler campaign.

"Instead of whining about the positive media coverage Jon Runyan is receiving and the grassroots enthusiasm he is generating, Congressman Adler should do something useful that would actually benefit the South Jersey residents he is supposed to be representing - like create jobs, cut taxes or reduce out-of-control government spending. Sadly, when you're a career politician with no positive record to run on all you have left is baseless attacks."

At least Adler has a record. No Superbowl wins, but then neither does Runyan.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Christie leaves money, but not food, on the table

Chris Christie, who outlined his $29.3 billion budget last month, says the state can’t be a slave to the federal honey pot, even if that means leaving money on the table.

“You don’t manage government by being led around by federal funds,” he said after the budget address. “We should set our priorities, not allow the federal government to do it. Any of the cuts that you see us make in the budget are all about me setting priorities that I think are important for New Jersey.”

For Christie it's always about "me", especially when it comes to protecting the food budget at Drumthwacket.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Does this guy ever think about thinking?

Joe Rullo announced that he is dropping out of the Republican primary race for the party's 3rd Congressional District nomination. Rullo said he spontaneously chose to run, having sought public office only once before as an unsuccessful Democratic freeholder candidate.

"This wasn't well thought out," he said. "In fact, there was no thought to it at all."

One big difference between this clown and Sarah Palin; at least he admits it.

Joe Rullo as "Mr. Smith" won't go to Washington

Republican Congressional candidate Joe Rullo said that he has decided to end his longshot bid to represent New Jersey's 3rd District in the House of Representatives.

"I love God, I love Jesus Christ, I'm a Boy Scout...But this Boy Scout and this Mr. Smith ain't going to Washington. I can't play this game...I'm just too damn honest,'' Rullo quipped.

He may be "too damn honest" but he's no "Honest Abe".

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ocean County Freeloader apologizes to the unemployed

Ocean County Freeloader Joseph H. Vicari said he is a sympathetic and compassionate man who could have better articulated himself last week when he said that people receiving unemployment checks could do more to help themselves.

"Let me talk a little bit about my record, and unfortunately . . . it did not come out right, the way I said it, as many people in the room said," Vicari said. "I'll be honest with you. For the last three years, I have never or seldom been quoted at a workshop meeting," Vicari also said, expressing his frustration with the local print media. "So if you want an apology, maybe I should've weighed my words a little more. Maybe I should've went into a little bit more detail, and you're probably right on that one."

Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut. Better yet, maybe he should just resign.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tax deadbeat challenges Len Lance

Rightwing activist and businessman David Larsen, who is challenging GOP Congressman Leonard Lance and committed to putting $300,000 of his own money into the campaign, confessed to being behind in property tax payments.

"I've been paying toward the principal; I owe $22,000 now, and the payment should be done in full," the candidate told "I have been paying taxes but I own properties in New Jersey, and I got behind. ...Leonard Lance has been in the state legislature and state senate, and part of the problem is the politicians who are there and have been there for years."

Yeah, but at least Lance pays his taxes.

"Crybaby" Chris

Christie's whining about a "death joke" email sent by a local teachers union boss. When a reporter asked Christie if he had ever received death threats during his tenure as U.S. Attorney, he replied in the affirmative.

"Yes, I got death threats twice when I was U.S. Attorney - from street gangs," he said. "One from the Latin Kings and one from the Bloods. Listen, let's be serious, I don't think this was a threat. It's a wish. I think there's a difference, but candidly, I think a wish may be more perverse than a threat."

I wonder if Christie ever prosecuted someone for making a wish.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TNutter won't give up in 12th district

Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre's departure from the 12th District GOP Primary didn't change the terrain much for Dave Corsi who's running to the right of Princeton venture capitalist Scott Sipprelle. Regardless of what he gains from Halfacre's loss, Corsi intends to run through the GOP Primary. "I just think I'm the best qualified candidate, willing to teach a financially illiterate congress."

Later on, when asked about his campaign finances Corsi said, "I don't pay attention to what we have in terms of dollars - you'd have to talk to my treasurer."

And this is the same clown who says he wants to "teach a financially illiterate congress"?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To drill or not to drill

Running to the right of Jon Runyan in the GOP Primary for Congressman in the third district, former Tabernacle Committeeman Justin Murphy examined Runyan's comments on offshore oil drilling and quickly identified what he believes is a common - and disappointing - theme.

"This is some of Jon's inexperience showing through," said the long-shot Republican and second time Congressional candidate. "Jon wants to call himself a conservative and then be pro-choice. Here he wants drillng, but then he says it's a states choice issue. Either you're going to drill or you're not."

"My opponent takes a calculated position - again - to try to have it both ways," Murphy added. "This is a candidate who was handpicked by three very powerful political bosses, who says he's an independent conservative. Jon, put your cards on the table and speak with candor."

At least Runyan has cards and a table to put them on. All Murphy has are used up tea bags.

Jon Runyan tries having it both ways

Parting company with Chris Christie and others worried about the environmental impact, GOP 3rd Congressional District candidate Jon Runyan praised President Obama for deciding to lift the federal moratorium on offshore oil drilling.

“President Obama’s plan to lift the moratorium on offshore drilling is a step in the right direction for reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, creating jobs and bringing down the cost of energy on overburdened consumers,” said Runyan. However, he then went on to say he supports offshore drilling only if it is more than 50 miles from the coast.

“In my opinion, the decision to drill off the coast of New Jersey, or any other state for that matter, is strictly a state’s rights issue," Runyan said. "The federal government should get out of the way and leave it up to the people in each state to make that decision through the governor and state legislature they elect.”

He's only been in politics two months and already he's learned to talk from both sides of his mouth

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Does Jon Runyan sweat about Justin Murphy?

Republican Justin Murphy is determined not to be overlooked in his party's Third Congressional District primary even though official support has lined up behind former Eagles offensive lineman Jon Runyan.

While Runyan's name recognition, party support, and wealth make him the favorite, Murphy believes he can outpace him on the issues. He is presenting himself as a longtime conservative even though he is running against two of the state's most efficient Republican organizations, which have endorsed Runyan.

Runyan's political consultant Chris Russell said: "The way we're going to run the campaign is not to take anything for granted. We're going to run our campaign highlighting our differences with John Adler."

Which sounds like they are going to take Justin Murphy for granted.

GOP Freeholder suggests ways to reduce unemployment

Unemployment in Ocean County has reached almost 12 percent and a number of people could do more to find work, Republican Freeholder Joseph H. Vicari said Wednesday.

"What's hurting us, unemployment pays up to two years, $600 per week and what we're concerned with is that, you know, if you're making less than $400, that's one thing. But if you're making around $600 a week, there is no motivation now to go out in the job market," Vicari told his colleagues at an agenda session of the county Board of Freeholders.

This coming from a guy with a $97,000 a year state pension.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mayor accuses Christie of trying to sink Trenton

Trenton Mayor Doug Palmer wants to ratchet up opposition to major cuts in state aid being pushed by Chris Christie. He wants his city's share of $43 million back but knows that his fight lacks power without public allegiance and state legislature support.

“Right now it looks pretty bad. We’ve been put in a position where we are just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic and Gov. Christie is an iceberg coming right at us,” Palmer said.

A better analogy would be Moby Dick and the Pequod.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rob Andrews deals with a "sick joke"

Dale Glading, Republican candidate for the 1st Congressional District, led a protest slamming the healthcare overhaul bill outside of U.S. Rep. Robert Andrews' office in Haddon Heights. Andrews helped to craft the nearly $1 trillion bill.

Playing off the fact that today is April Fools' Day, Glading told the small crowd that had formed that, "no one is laughing at the sick joke you call 'healthcare reform."

Maybe not, but there's plenty to laugh at a sick joke like Glading having any chance of beating Andrews.

Christie doesn't like teachers "politicking"

Chris Christie stood firm in the face of blowback from the teachers' union, fretful parents, picketing students worried about budget cuts, firefighters, and the mayor of the state's capital city as he answered reporters' questions at an autism education center. The governor said he has no objections to the criticisms, which people have taken to the streets in some instances.

"People are expressing their point of view, it's a free country," said the governor. "You can guarantee it doesn't affect me." He did say that what does irk him is union organizing in a chemistry class in Bridgewater-Raritan. "I don't like teachers politicking in the classroom," he said.

If Christie gets his way with politicking there won't be any teachers left to politick in the classroom or anyplace else.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To freeze or not to freeze

Chris Christie told The Associated Press in an interview that he will offer more state aid to all school districts whose teachers agree to forgo a planned pay raise in the 2011 fiscal year. "I don't think it's wrong to say in these difficult times that they step up and make some sacrifice," Christie said. "We're not talking about forgoing raises forever. We're talking about forgoing raises for one year."

How about forgoing tax cuts for millionaires for one year.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little gets little support

Despite failing to gain the Republican Party line in Middlesex, Union and Monmouth, Highlands Mayor Anna Little said she remains committed to running in the Republican Primary in the 6th Congressional District.

"We're seeing this through to the end," said Little, a TNut activist who lost Union County to Shannon Wright of Plainfield and Middlesex and Monmouth to establishment Republican Diane Gooch of Rumson. "I don't see a way to put the brakes on at this point," she said. "I knew this was the way it would turn out (the conventions), but I am encouraged by the grassroots support I am getting."

She must be smoking grass if she thinks any TNut support she gets will make a difference.

Thanks to Mike Halfacre, Scott Sipprelle doesn't seem so crazy

After suffering a loss before the GOP screening committee in his home county last night to Princeton venture capitalist Scott Sippelle - his fourth and final loss in a bid to win county line backing - Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre today announced that he has ended his run for Congress in the 12th District.

Halfacre said, "I know I will be a better candidate in the future for having gone through this, and I know Scott Sipprelle is a stronger candidate today then the day he got into the race."

That's true. Thanks to Halfacre's negative attacks about donations to Democrats, most voters in the district will perceive that Sipprelle is not a kool-aid drinking TNut like so many Halfacre supporters.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Is 400K a year too little for "small" business?

GOP Assembly Leader Alex DeCroce criticized Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver for saying they would not approve a new budget without reinstating an income tax surcharge on those earning over $400,000 annually.

According to DeCroce, "Reinstating this tax would hurt small business owners who must thrive if we are to restore the economy."

How is anyone making over 400K a year not thriving?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Christie's excuse for skipping class

Chris Christie said students skipping class to protest teacher layoffs were “pawns” of the teachers’ union and should not face disciplinary action. “They’re being used,” Christie said, when asked if students should face consequences. “I don’t blame the kids at all. Those kids are victims. They’re pawns, unfortunately for them."

Christie should know about excuses for skipping classes. He probably told his teachers he was hypoglycemic and needed a snack.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Is Frank Pallone "out of touch" with Republicans?

GOP Assemblywoman Amy Handlin has endorsed GOP congressional candidate Diane Gooch to oppose Democratic Congressman Frank Pallone. Handlin slammed Pallone for his leadership role in passing health care reform legislation.

“We see how out of touch Frank Pallone is with our concerns here in New Jersey. He was a major part of ramming this healthcare bill through and will now have to answer to his constituents who didn't want it,” Handlin said.

He also has to answer to his constituents who did want it and, given Pallone's past re-election numbers, there are probably a lot more of them.

Is Jon Runyan "the dirtiest player in the game"?

GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan recently told a reporter that being known as one of the dirtiest football players around isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “I always seem to come up on that list, but I always think…when you look at the list, it’s usually some of the top players in the league — the guys that never give up, the guys that keep fighting,” he said. And that intensity may be just what he needs to win a seat in Congress: “To carry a little of that over in the political arena is not going to hurt me at all either.”

So will he run a dirty campaign? “I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes,” he said, adding: “I’m not saying no to it.”

Maybe he should consider pro-wrestling.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Does Mike Halfacre do all-nighters?

GOP congressional candidate Scott Sipprelle zapped his primary opponent, Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre, for publicly denouncing the federal economic stimulus program on the red meat GOP circuit - then privately applying for and accepting money from the program.

“Let me get this straight,” fumed Sipprelle, who bragged of "steadfastly" opposing the stimulus project. “Mike Halfacre stands up in front of a crowd during an evening campaign stop and rails against the stimulus package, but goes home at night and, as mayor, applies for stimulus funds for a project he readily admits is bloated overkill? That’s offensive.”

That's also a lot of work. Halfacre must have been up all night working on the application.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Runyan tackles Adler on health care reform

GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan disputes the notion that Rep. John Adler's opposition to the Senate the health care reform package means there's little daylight between them. In an interview with political reporters, Runyan outlined what he said were stark contrasts between himself and the Cherry Hill Democrat.

"He's saying he's worried that there are no cost controls. I'm more worried that it's a government takeover of another program. What the government has its hands in doesn't work," Runyan said.

Does Runyan mean we already have a health care "program"? And if government doesn't work, how does he get his mail?

Justin Murphy gets Teabagger nod in 3rd district

Conservative Justin Murphy has won the endorsement of the Burlington County Tea Party over presumptive GOP nominee Jon Runyan for the 3rd Congressional District seat. William Haney, head of the Tea Party, said Monday he was determined to deliver a competitive primary to registered Republicans this June.

"Jon Runyan has the backing of all three county Republican organizations, and he is a big, impressive fellow whose physical stature gives him an immediate presence in a room," Haney said. "I think he is a good man. But he is not as well informed on specific issues such as health care, states rights or the nullification of illegal immigration."

States rights and nullification? Maybe these clowns should have endorsed John C. Calhoun.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Teabaggers on steroids?

There's some muttering among organization Republicans that if Frank Pallone and the Congress pass healthcare reform, the Tea Party movement will lose its national platform and fizzle.

"No way," says Pallone's opponent, GOP congressional candidate and teabagger favorite Anna Little. "They'll be further energized, because it will have to be repealed. It's a bad law."

I guess this means if HCR passes the wingnuts will change their beverage of choice from tea to Red Bull.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jon Runyan shows he cares

Branding U.S. Rep. John Adler a career politician, retired Eagles football star Jon Runyan launched his campaign for Congress in the 3rd District in his hometown by positioning himself as the embodiment of midwestern values and as an outsider to the political system.

"How are qualified politicians running this country now?" he asked the crowd.. "Whoever said you need to be a lifetime politician to be a congressman? I'm qualified because I care."

He cared so much that he spent several months with the San Diego Chargers to play for a Superbowl ring rather than spend time in his district talking to voters and educating himself about the issues.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Multi-millionaire socialite challenges Frank Pallone

Running against U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone, multi-millionaire Republican Diane Gooch kicked off her campaign in front of a crowd of 200 people.

"I am not for government healthcare," Gooch told in a telephone interview. "I'm not for more spending. I'm worried about taxes."

Maybe she's worried about taxes, but everybody else is worried about losing their job, their home, and their health insurance.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mike Doherty to laid-off public employess; "What, me worry?"

Unhappy with the way suburban school districts would be impacted by Chris Christie's proposed budget, GOP state Sen. Michael Doherty nevertheless called Christie's address today a success.

"It's a proud day to be a Republican after 20 years of mismanagement of the finances of New Jersey," said Doherty, who is regarded as one of the most conservative members of the legislature. He doesn't worry about the government job loss consequences from a combination of state-imposed caps and freezes in municipal and school aid.

"Government is one of the most inefficient ways to use resources, so the fewer resources in government hands, the more productive those resources will be," he said.

Yeah, right. Like investing in subprime mortgage loans, credit default swaps and junk bonds.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Do Conservatives eat their young?

Republican Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll thinks that the political consultant Rick Shaftan’s dissatisfaction with Chris Christie’s conservative credentials is unwarranted. “Rick is always unhappy. And I don’t mean to be insulting to him, but we conservatives are never happy unless we’re eating our own young. If we have a guy we agree with 98% of the time, we’ll find that 2% and that’s what we’ll harp on,” said Carroll, who is considered one of New Jersey’s most conservative legislators and beat Christie in a 1995 GOP primary for State Assembly.

Conservatives may eat their young, but Chris Christie eats everything else.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Christie nominee "a danger to children"

This is not an accusation from Democrats. It comes from sex-obsessed wingnuts on a reactionary website who claim Christie's nominee for Child Services is affiliated with groups promoting juvenile sexuality. According to one "expert" these groups "advocate for the sexual rights of minors, and oppose all forces that would restrict or interfere with the entitlement of children and adolescents to develop in a sexually healthy manner."

I hate to imagine what these anal-retentive moralitarians consider unhealthy sexual development.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

John Novak, like Rodney Dangerfield, gets no respect

As GOP hopefuls in the third congressional district move out of the way to make room for "Squire" Jon Runyan, one former Barnegat Township Committeeman, John Novak, refuses to hoist the white flag. He told, “As of this moment I am contemplating my position, sitting with my supporters and my family, and I will consider my options. Certainly within that process has to be a realistic evaluation of whether or not I have the resources and the financial ability to sustain a viable campaign either in the primary or in the general. It’s painful to compare what I have to offer to the constituents of the 3rd Congressional District as to what I may lack in resources and material.”

It must have been painful for his former constituents in Barnegat to endure his service on the Township Committee since they gave him the boot after only one term.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lonegan compares health care reform to Hungarian Revolt

U.S. Rep Scott Garrett told a group of Steve Lonegan-organized conference callers that the Obama administration intends to ramrod government-run healthcare, and exhorted activists to join him for a protest in Washington, D.C.

In a question and answer conference session managed by Lonegan, one caller, self-identified as a doctor-immigrant from Hungary, said Obama is trying to take over the country. "Remember those tanks rolling into Hungary," said Lonegan.

The only tanks Lonegan is familiar with are the drunk ones.

Waiting for Obama

U.S. Rep Scott Garrett told a group of Steve Lonegan-organized conference callers that the Obama administration intends to ramrod government-run healthcare, and exhorted activists to join him for a protest Thursday in Washington, D.C.

Garrett said he tried to engage President Barack Obama on the healthcare issue last year. "In September, I personally handed to the president a booklet of ideas and he told me, ' We want to work with you too,' and a half dozen months later, I'm still waiting for that phone call," he said.

I'll bet he waited even longer for a prom date.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another teabagger challenges Len Lance; wants to go to Washington and clean drains

Businessman Bruce Baker told he is launching his own primary campaign against GOP incumbent Leonard Lance. "I can tell you this with certainty - if I get down there to Washington, D.C., the establishment is going to rue the day I show up," he said. "Washington is a cesspool. It needs a can of Draino."

That's probably what he's drinking.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lonegan beats Christie with a Baroni

Former GOP gubernatorial candidate and poster boy for Mens Hair Research, Steve Lonegan, chastised his former conqueror Gov. Chris Christie following the governor's decision to appoint state Sen. Bill Baroni deputy executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

“The Deputy Executive Director is supposed to stand up for taxpayers and against union special interests who are constantly demanding contracts that pay exorbitant prevailing wage rates," Lonegan fumed in a statement. "Yet Governor Christie wants to reward Bill Baroni, who has one of the most liberal anti-taxpayer and pro-big labor voting records of any Republican in Trenton, to this post. This appointment is a slap in the face to New Jersey taxpayers and I strongly urge the governor to rescind this appointment."

An even bigger slap in the face to New Jersey taxpayers is the two million dollars Lonegan took in public matching funds so he could make a fool of himself while losing in a landslide to Christie in the primary.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mike Doherty channels John C. Calhoun

Republicans State Senator Michael Doherty and Assemblywoman Alison McHose introduced legislation that would give individuals the right to obtain the health benefits coverage of their choosing.

“Our citizens are rightly concerned that Washington D.C. bureaucrats will force a government health care program upon them,” Doherty stated. “This amendment, if ratified by the voters of this state, will nullify any law that mandates health coverage within New Jersey’s borders.”

They must be channeling the ghost of John C. Calhoun.

Monday, February 15, 2010

"Maverick" Murray Sabrin disses Presidents Day

Former Libertarian candidate for Governor and political gadfly Murray Sabrin has started a new website which promotes his belief in limited government as well as his own career. He poses an interesting question as to why we celebrate Presidents Day in February. According to the political sage formerly known as Maverick Murray, "Virtually all of them supported legal plunder, undermined free enterprise and increased the federal government’s power over the American people."

Wow. I wonder if Ramapo STATE University finance professor Murray Sabrin considers his State of New Jersey paycheck "legal plunder".

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Teabagger activist challenges Lance in GOP primary

David Larsen, teabagger activist and owner of a windows and doors business, declared his candidacy for US Congress against incumbent Leonard Lance in the GOP primary.

"The greatest problem we face," Larsen said in his announcement speech, "a problem that threatens the future of our representative government is that we have developed a political class of career politicians. The result is a cookie cutter version of political bureaucrats, no matter what party they are in."

"In Massachusetts, with the election of Scott Brown, we recently observed the people triumphing over the political class," he added.

So who elected Obama and all those Democrats in 49 other states, wombats?

Friday, February 12, 2010

A cold day in hell beats global warming

GOP congressional candidate Dale Glading wants U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews to reconsider his support of “Cap and Trade” tax legislation that passed the House last summer.

“It’s about time Congress stops working against Americans and starts working for them,” Glading said. “When I defeat Rob Andrews in November, South Jersey will finally have a representative dedicated to protecting their wallets from out-of-control Washington politicians.”

And who's going to protect their wallets from out-of-control Wall Street predators and private health insurers? If this clown defeats Rob Andrews in November there won't be any global warming because it will be a cold day in hell.

Former pro wrestler lays huge smackdown on NJ GOP

Michael Illions, a conservative blogger, tea party activist, and former professional wrestler who for 14 years wrestled under the moniker “A.J. Sparxx,” has quit the Republican Party to help lead the state’s tiny Conservative Party.

"It's good to be home where I truly belong,” Illions said in a written statement. "This was a move I thought about making for quite a while now. As the National Republican Party and the NJ GOP specifically, move further to the left, further away from what I believe in and further away from adhering to the Constitution, it became difficult to tell the difference between the Republican and Democrat parties at times."

As of Election Day 2009, the New Jersey Conservative Party had 130 registered voters, while the state Republican Party has 1.06 million. Considering how much support he got as a Republican he should definitely feel at home with the Conservatives.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here's a surprise; business group supports Christie

The state director of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) said that Chris Christie is off to a “fast and impressive start” after announcing a plan to deal with the state’s $2 billion budget deficit earlier today. “New Jersey’s struggling small business community has been waiting a long time for Trenton to get its fiscal house in order, and today’s announcement is welcome news,” said Laurie Ehlbeck. “Employers already being squeezed by the economic slowdown and one of the highest tax burdens in the nation can no longer afford to be the piggy bank for the wish list of every constituency and special interest group in the state.”

“One-time gimmicks and fiscal shell games designed to temporarily patch our problems have brought us to the brink of an $11 billion hole,” Ehlback said.

I guess she doesn't count the one-time gimmicks and fiscal shell games her Wall Street pals played with which brought the country to the brink of a $2 trillion dollar hole.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jon Runyan "blocking and tackling" his way to Congress

According to a post on the Rothenberg Political Report there is a clear link between former football players, like NJ-3rd district congressional candidate Jon Runyan, running for office and the Republican Party, from former Oklahoma Rep. J.C. Watts to 2006 PA gubernatorial candidate Lynn Swann.

“They understand the importance of executing the blocking and tackling of political campaigns,” said National Republican Congressional Committee Communications Director Ken Spain, “Hard work and discipline are hallmark Republican values that also happen to make for good professional football players.”

So I guess we are to assume then that Republicans believe blocking and tackling is the same as legislating and governing.