Monday, September 20, 2010

Phew!! Peter DeStefano, Christine O'Donnell and old socks.

Independent tea party congressional candidate Peter DeStefano endorsed Christine O'Donnell on his Facebook page and compared his candidacy to hers. Then he had this to say about politicians, "Old politicians are just like old socks, after a while they start to stink!"

No punchline can top that.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scott Sipprelle suggests "modest" starvation for unemployed workers

In a recent newsletter GOP congressional candidate Scott Sipprelle advocated setting unemployment benefits at a “modest discount to the minimum wage so that no one receives more for not working than they do for working.”

Maybe a better idea would be to simply increase the minimum wage.

Jon Runyan channels Strom Thurmond on state's rights

GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan admitted in a conversation with, he is angry at his opponent, John Adler, for distorting his views on offshore drilling. "This is a 10th Amendment issue. I say let the states decide how they want to grow their economy," Runyan said.

I wonder what he'll have to say when an oil slick from an explosion in Virginia washes up on New Jersey's beaches and destroys its fishing industry.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christie campaigning in Iowa (for President?)

“Governor Christie has stuck to the Republican principles of a limited, streamlined government,” said Tim Albrecht, communications director for Iowa Gubernatorial Candidate Terry Branstad. Christie is planning a stop in Iowa next month to campaign for Terry Branstad, a former four-term governor of Iowa, who has decided to run again after a 12-year break from politics. “Part of what makes him so attractive is he got elected on Republican core values and he has governed on Republican core values and as such he has gained a lot notice from the activists out here.”

I suppose he means "Republican core values" like bullying, lying, and being just plain nasty.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bill Pascrell will wet his pants when he reads this

"I'm not Jon Runyan," GOP congressional candidate Roland Straten admits to, referring to the 3rd Congressional District challenger, a former Eagles offensive lineman, who, like Straten, is a Republican; but unlike Straten, campaigned over the weekend with a personal touch from Gov. Chris Christie. "But I do have Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno coming in on Oct. 5th."

He might do better with "Uncle Floyd".

Monday, September 6, 2010

Jon Runyan brags about his "virginity"

GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan was campaigning in Berkeley Township where he spent more time bashing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi than he did his oponent, John Adler. Referring to his own lack of experience Runyan said, "My experience is all of the last nine months. But you know, the people with all of the experience got us where we're at now."

Some of those Republican officeholders campaigning alongside Runyan have more experience than the madam of a whorehouse.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Len Lance on unemployed teachers: "Let them eat food stamps"!

GOP Congressman Leonard Lance describes himself as a fiscal hawk, and last month he voted against a $26 billion bailout bill that would provide New Jersey $268 million to rehire teachers and school employees. Lance said in explaining his vote, "A significant portion of where this money would come from would be food stamps."

I guess he prefers unemployed teachers on food stamps to getting their jobs back.

Michael Agosta looks like Bantha fodder in Bergen County

Michael Agosta runs a 9th Congressional District effort alienated from a Bergen GOP establishment that is intent on winning countywide. Agosta criticizes on his own party, blaming Bergen County Republican Organization Chairman Bob Yudin for cutting him loose and helping his enemies from the primary.

"His county committee is falling apart from within," Agosta said of Yudin. "There's an extreme element in there that he doesn't want to deal with," added Agosta. "I know the Democrats are definitely laughing."

I don't know if Democrats are laughing, but I'm sure Steve Rothman isn't breaking a sweat.

Chris Christie plus free barbecue equals global warming

Chris Christie plans to be in Ocean County’s Berkeley Township for a free barbecue for GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan. Asked by a reporter about the recent controversy involving Christie and Bret Schundler, Runyan shrugged it off and said it won’t hurt the picnic. "I know the phone hasn’t stopped ringing in the office with people RSVPing," he said.

I doubt the phones would be ringing if they actually had to pay to attend.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hey, at least Jon Runyan's not a draft dodger

Chris Russell, campaign consultant for Jon Runyan's congressional campaign, released a statement shortly after the VFW-PAC endorsement of his opponent John Adler.

“From having close family members who have served our country in combat to his own personal efforts on behalf of the USO and NJ Family Readiness Council, Jon Runyan has always had a deep respect and appreciation for our active military and our veterans,” said Russell.

Big deal. I had close family members who fought for Kaiser Wilhelm, but that doesn't mean I have a deep respect and appreciation for the German Army.

Jon Runyan on picking fights

Jon Runyan spoke at the opening of his campaign headquarters in Stafford Township. "Get this seat back in Republican hands," said the Congressional candidate. "Fire John Adler and fire Nancy Pelosi. We started something with the governor. When you start a fight, you need to finish it."

I think that's what Custer said at the Little Big Horn.

"Best Governor in the nation"?

State Republican Committee Chairman Jay Webber spoke to a packed campaign headquarters in Stafford Township, which his organization and the Republican National Committee partnered to open. "Chris Christie was elected governor last year with 65% of the vote in Ocean and you should be congratulated for that," said Webber. "We are turning around New Jersey under the governor's leadership. ...We have the best governor in the nation, who's changing the debate nationwide," he added.

Christie sure is changing the national debate. Before they were talking about New Jersey as the "Soprano State". Now they call it the "Dummkopf State" with a Governor and Education Commissioner who can't fill out an application.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What did he take, and when did he take them?

When asked about whether GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan ever used steroids, his spokesman emailed PolitickerNJ this carefully crafted statement:

"He said he never took them and would strongly caution his kids and any other young athletes coming up to steer clear of PED's"

Well, at least if Runyan lied it was to his press secretary and not to Congress.

Coffee, Tea or Peter DeStefano?

Jon Runyan's worst nightmare, Independent "Tea Party" congressional candidate Peter DeStefano, has launched his own website and is moving forward with his campaign. He declares, "I'm taking it to the streets, talking to people at dinners and at WAWA's."

So along with cream and sugar I now get Peter DeStefano to go with my coffee.