Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The search for the holy grail (i.e. Christie's values)

A report posted on PolitickerNJ.com says it has been almost two weeks since Chris Christie’s campaign removed the "Shared Values" section from their Web site which outlined some of Christie’s more socially conservative positions on abortion and same sex marriage. But, according to this report, Christie’s Web site does contain his positions on abortion and same-sex marriage in a "Frequently Asked Questions" section. Democrats respond by pointing out that the language in the FAQ is significantly toned down from the "Shared Values" posting.

Christie's campaign manager Bill Stepien said that the deletion was a “technology issue, not a strategy issue,” and that the campaign is preparing to relaunch the Web site, after which it will include the “Shared Values.” He also said, “Chris is who he is, and no losing opponent, campaign manager, or poll is going to change that."

I agree Chris is who he is, and if he were a restaurant he'd be called the "Waffle House".

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Global warming, snowballs, and Christie's "Statewide Leadership Team"

Some unreconstructed Loneganistas over at Conservatives (Crackpots) With Attitude (Agita) are complaining that the three Republican members of Congress from New Jersey (Len Lance, Frank Lobiondo and Chris Smith) who voted for Obama's climate (cap and trade) legislation are co-chairs of Chris Christie's campaign. They are calling for a boycott of the NJGOP and asking their supporters to change their party affiliation from "Republican" to "Unaffiliated" as a protest against Christie's "Statewide Leadership Team". According to one guest blogger, "There is not a snowball’s chance in hell that Christie can get elected without the support of the conservatives in New Jersey. Almost 150,000 voters DID NOT vote for Christie in June."

Maybe Christie can't get elected without the support of "conservatives", but a snowball in hell has a better chance than Lonegan, or any other rightwing nutjob, becoming Governor of New Jersey

Saturday, June 27, 2009

It doesn't matter what matters

To no one's surprise Chris Christie issued a statement after the State Senate passed the budget along a party line vote trashing Corzine for not doing a good job. "The result is a budget that raises taxes, cuts spending for programs that matter, and leaves us in greater debt next year instead of responsibly planning for the future," said Christie.

Gee, maybe one of these days Christie will tell us what he thinks are the programs that do matter and which are the ones he would cut that don't matter.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wingnuts upset Christie won't go wild on Supreme Court

Chris Christie's refusal to go wild in opposing the nomination of State Supreme Court Justice Barry Albin to another term on the bench seems to have some wingnuts within his own party going wild. When Christie responded to a reporter's inquiry as to whether he supports the nominee he indicated that he would remain neutral. This seems to have gotten some former Loneganistas into a hissy fit. "What?", says a guest blogger on the website Conervatives With Attitude. "This is the “Strong Leadership” that he has been trying to convince the voters he will bring to Trenton? He feels that being hands-off is what we need at a time when this state drowns in debt that has been piled on us by judges and their stupid rulings."

It looks like some wingnuts won't be satisfied unless Christie breaks down the doors to the Senate Chamber, jumps on top of the podium and threatens to take off all his clothes while doing the macarena if the Senate confirms Albin.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Governing by chance better than governing by cronyism

Chris Christie says it's clear that Jon Corzine "has no control over the budget or our government." Christie said in a statement, "He promised four years ago to change the way Trenton budgeted, but this budget uses billions in one-shot gimmicks, including this latest tax amnesty windfall, that will have to be made up in future budgets. This kind of haphazard governing by chance just doesn't cut it when we're facing 8.8% unemployment, skyrocketing property taxes and real pain for all middle class New Jerseyans."

If Christie's use of deferred prosecution agreements to reward his friends and cronies with lucrative no-bid contracts is any indication, "haphazard governing by chance" may actually be better.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

He's ba-aack!!

Former Bogota Mayor, GOP gadfly and perennial loser Steve Lonegan is returning to the Americans for Prosperity Foundation as a senior policy director for the New Jersey chapter. Lonegan sees the current policy debate over health care reform as the top priority. “If advocates of government-run health care get their way and put one-seventh of our economy under government control, there will be no turning back and America, as we knew it growing up, will be dead,” Lonegan boldly said.

Steve Lonegan may not be another Ben Casey, but if he can resurrect his dead political career he can resurrect a dead America.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wingnut ecstasy: Christie pulls a Webber out of his hat

Chris Christie delighted his wingnut supporters with the announcement he is recommending Assemblyman Jay Webber to replace Tom Wilson as NJGOP Chairman. Fresh off his upset victory over establishment favorite Marcia Karrow, Assemblyman Mike Doherty sang the praises of Christie's choice. “I think Jay Webber is a great pick. He’s a Ronald Reagan conservative and has been a leader on all the conservative issues that The Republican base looks for and will do a great job,” said Doherty.

If Jay Webber is a "Ronald Reagan conservative" what does that make Mike Doherty, a Darth Vader reactionary?

It's seems so easy to get the "base" excited, and just as easy to set them off. Just wait and see if Christie nominates a pro-choice moderate like Diane Allen or Kathleen Donovan for Lieutenant-Governor. Ever hear of Krakatoa?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We still have Lonegan to kick around

In a letter to supporters former gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan reiterated his support for Chris Christie and claimed credit for the latter adopting conservative positions. "In order to win last Tuesday," he said, "the 'moderates' who run the New Jersey GOP had to get in touch with their 'inner Republican' and embrace the conservatism of Ronald Reagan - 20 years after he left office."

It looks like Steve Lonegan is more in touch with his "inner ego".