Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wingnuts upset Christie won't go wild on Supreme Court

Chris Christie's refusal to go wild in opposing the nomination of State Supreme Court Justice Barry Albin to another term on the bench seems to have some wingnuts within his own party going wild. When Christie responded to a reporter's inquiry as to whether he supports the nominee he indicated that he would remain neutral. This seems to have gotten some former Loneganistas into a hissy fit. "What?", says a guest blogger on the website Conervatives With Attitude. "This is the “Strong Leadership” that he has been trying to convince the voters he will bring to Trenton? He feels that being hands-off is what we need at a time when this state drowns in debt that has been piled on us by judges and their stupid rulings."

It looks like some wingnuts won't be satisfied unless Christie breaks down the doors to the Senate Chamber, jumps on top of the podium and threatens to take off all his clothes while doing the macarena if the Senate confirms Albin.

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