Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The search for the holy grail (i.e. Christie's values)

A report posted on PolitickerNJ.com says it has been almost two weeks since Chris Christie’s campaign removed the "Shared Values" section from their Web site which outlined some of Christie’s more socially conservative positions on abortion and same sex marriage. But, according to this report, Christie’s Web site does contain his positions on abortion and same-sex marriage in a "Frequently Asked Questions" section. Democrats respond by pointing out that the language in the FAQ is significantly toned down from the "Shared Values" posting.

Christie's campaign manager Bill Stepien said that the deletion was a “technology issue, not a strategy issue,” and that the campaign is preparing to relaunch the Web site, after which it will include the “Shared Values.” He also said, “Chris is who he is, and no losing opponent, campaign manager, or poll is going to change that."

I agree Chris is who he is, and if he were a restaurant he'd be called the "Waffle House".

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