Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wingnut ecstasy: Christie pulls a Webber out of his hat

Chris Christie delighted his wingnut supporters with the announcement he is recommending Assemblyman Jay Webber to replace Tom Wilson as NJGOP Chairman. Fresh off his upset victory over establishment favorite Marcia Karrow, Assemblyman Mike Doherty sang the praises of Christie's choice. “I think Jay Webber is a great pick. He’s a Ronald Reagan conservative and has been a leader on all the conservative issues that The Republican base looks for and will do a great job,” said Doherty.

If Jay Webber is a "Ronald Reagan conservative" what does that make Mike Doherty, a Darth Vader reactionary?

It's seems so easy to get the "base" excited, and just as easy to set them off. Just wait and see if Christie nominates a pro-choice moderate like Diane Allen or Kathleen Donovan for Lieutenant-Governor. Ever hear of Krakatoa?

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