Friday, August 21, 2009

A district here, a district there

A general election candidate in the 12th Congressional district last year Alan Bateman, a former deputy mayor of Holmdel, notified voters this week that he intends to pursue a 4th Congressional District 2010 primary challenge of U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-Hamilton), whom Bateman believes has strayed from core GOP principles.

With his Holmdel house up for sale in the 12th Congressional District, Bateman said earlier this summer that he was contemplating a challenge to Smith from the platform of his new residence in the 4th District, but as late as last week said he has not reached a final decision regarding his 2010 plans. "I am running for U.S. Congress against current incumbent Chris Smith," writes Bateman in a request for financial support from GOP voters. "Chris Smith has been in Washington for 30 long years - that's right - 30 years! He is a Washington insider who is out of touch with the people," adds Bateman.

Maybe Smith has been in Washington for 30 years but at least his constituents know where he is.

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