Monday, August 10, 2009

Attitude or location?

Republican State Senator Kevin O'Toole says he ready for New Jersey to get tough with professional sports teams that don't show their state pride, and slammed the Nets for their decision to remove "NJ" from their team uniforms while on the road.

"New Jersey's professional sports teams, the Nets, Jets and Giants, have no problem feeding at the taxpayer funded trough, yet seem to forget who their benefactors are when they order the teams' uniforms," O'Toole said. "These teams make hundreds of millions of dollars a year," he added. "They should not receive a single concession from the state until they get an attitude readjustment."

O'Toole better be careful that the Nets, Jets and Giants don't readjust more than just their attitude. Like readjusting which state they continue to play their games in.

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