Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christie's file for US Attorney applicants

According to a report on, days before announcing his resignation as a federal prosecutor, Chris Christie agreed to hire the son of his friend and campaign contributor, Herbert J. Stern, as an assistant U.S. attorney. The move sparked public criticism from Democrats, who accused Christie of using his post as New Jersey’s top federal law enforcement official for patronage. But interviews last week showed it also drew private concern from prosecutors at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Newark. Christie hired Samuel Stern over objections from nearly every assistant U.S. attorney who interviewed him, according to three federal law enforcement officials with knowledge of the hiring process.
Christie declined to be interviewed. In a statement, he defended hiring Stern.

“Sam Stern has a stellar educational background and an excellent record as an assistant county prosecutor. I am confident he will be a dedicated and outstanding assistant U.S. attorney,” Christie said.

At least Sam Stern is better qualified than Christie, who had no prosecutorial experience when he was appointed US Attorney. Of course the hundreds of thousands of dollars the Christie brothers raised for George Bush and the GOP didn't hurt his chances either.

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